Care Groups
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This is an exciting new initiative and one of the central focuses of the life of the church, with a vision to have all who attend RLC attending or affiliated to a Care Group; to meet the need for support, care, discipleship, spiritual growth and use of gifts in serving within the church and out into the community.

At RLC we are committed to the life transforming power of the good news of Jesus Christ, and we want everyone to have as many opportunities as possible to discover how to live a Christ filled life. Joining and committing to a Care Group is one of those opportunities.

We believe there is much more to Church than turning up on a Sunday. Worshipping with God's family is great and good, but it can be quite easy to get 'lost in the crowd', so rather than just saying 'hello' and waving goodbye till next week, we have small Care Groups.

Care Groups are organised to meet regularly in and around the area and create an ideal environment to develop friendships, have fun, hold each other accountable, study God's word and pray. We all need a place where we can talk with others, share our different views, ask questions and genuinely support one another.

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