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Except the Lord keep the city.

When the returned Jews began to restore the walls of Jerusalem, and rebuild the city, Sanballat, Tobiah, and others formed plots to prevent it. Nehemiah, being informed of this, set up proper watches and guards. The enemy, finding this, gathered themselves together, and determined to fall upon them at once, and cut them all off. Nehemiah, having gained intelligence of this also, armed his people, and placed them behind the wall. Sanballat and his company, finding that the Jews were prepared for resistance, abandoned their project; and Nehemiah, to prevent surprises of this kind, kept one-half of the people always under arms, while the other half was employed in the building work.

The psalmist alludes to this; and in effect says, Though you should watch constantly, guard every place, and keep on your armour ready to repel every attack, yet remember that the success of all depends upon the presence and blessing of God. Without God, all we do is ultimately, just vanity.

Sunday Services

Sunday services usually take place at the following times:

Morning - 10:30AM

Evening - 6:30PM

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