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Chris and Elaine Almond

Thank you for sending us a copy of your book, which we have both enjoyed reading. I thought it an excellent publication, especially in setting the life of the church in the context of the social & other changes over the years. I also think it good that you have addressed some of the challenges that the church faces today and not tried to paint a picture of RLC as a 'perfect' church. (I think that some previous histories I have read glossed over some of the difficulties!)

I was interested in some of the comments by reviewers, well done on getting a review from an ex-Archbishop's wife!

Theodora Cooper (nee Bamber)

I received THE book yesterday- what a wonderful book you have created, the dedication to your son was a beautiful touch.  I haven't read very far as yet but just give me a little time, - the cover  too was most appealing it made you think I must read this book!!!  Everything is just superb and I marvel that you produced it in about a year!   

Linda Cleverly

I have started on the book and the section on what Baptists think has already taught me things I didn’t know.  There are some very funny bits in it too.  It is very accessible to read, large print and straight forward English.  Your hard work has paid off!

Peter and June Hetherington

Thank you so much for sending us a copy of your RLC history.  So far we have only dipped into it but this has only watered our appetite to read more!  The format and layout are so attractive.  It must have taken a great deal of hard labour!

Philip and Janet Mortimer

Thank you for your book with which you must have been so pleased.  The photos are wonderful and the 'feel' of it really nice, but most of all you've managed, I think, to do an inclusive job with something for everyone in it.

Chris Voke

I have read the book and am impressed by its breadth and the many interesting aspects of RLC and the wider church and society you managed to include. A lot of hard work. The colour photos are particularly valuable I think.  A large version of the photos in a book of its own for the bicentenary?

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