Changes due to the Coronavirus

Date posted: Wednesday, 18 March 2020
To members, friends and fellow worshippers at Rye Lane Chapel
Greetings in the precious name of Jesus. 
The word that we are repeatedly hearing is that we are living in ‘unprecedented times’. We should acknowledge that we are still in God’s hands so that we should not fear. We need, however, to be responsible citizens and we are being asked to cut down our contacts with others. We have also been asked by the Baptist Union to cease to meet as congregations. With that in mind we, as Deacons and Leaders, have taken the following decisions that until further notice:
There will be no morning or evening services on Sundays from now on.
We will cease all mid-week meetings starting immediately.
Those using the Chapel for tuition can continue to do while schools remain open.

This has implications for keeping in touch and seeking to support one another. This letter will be sent out by email for those for whom we have email addresses and by post for others. Akeem is updating the church directory so that we have as complete a list of people’s names and addresses as possible. Please continue to be in touch, by phone especially, to reassure the elderly that we have not forgotten them and to see if there is any pressing need which church members can assist with. Also look out for others in your block or street. 

Please continue to pray for our nation’s leaders that wise decisions will be made and to pray for each other also. Remember too, for those who are out and about, the four things we ought to be doing:
1) Avoid shaking hands and physical contact       
2) Sneeze or cough into a tissue and bin it       
3) Wash your hands regularly (20 secs.) 
4) If you have a newly developed cough or a fever, self-isolate for 14 days, whether or not
    you are in an at-risk category.
To seek to maintain our spiritual health and wellbeing there are Christian Radio and TV stations (Premier, UCB, TBN).

We are also asking that at 11am on Sundays we all join in prayer, those shut in at home and those still out and about, are asked to join, to pray wherever you are – remember there will be no meetings in the Chapel. 

Perhaps for the first time in the lifetime of most of us we as a nation are fragile and vulnerable. We do not know what the future holds but we know Who holds the future. May we all know God’s peace at this difficult time for us as a nation.   

From the Deacons and Pastoral Team.
Pastoral Team contacts are 
Phyllis: 07958 627 157   I   Paul: 07752 151 941   I   Ian: 07827 402 568   I   Barry: 07712 788 659